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  • Autumn Essentials For Every Boho Girl

  • The coolest pieces for our summer dress!

    I think most of us are already in a vacation mood. All women spend endless hours in shops looking for key-items that they want to get to summer holidays.

    The same happens for those who are going to spend their time of our summer holidays in the city, in that way wherever we are, the point is to find key pieces that will give us comfortable and very fashionable outfits. Just to not waste too much time looking for them, I have created a gallery with the most necessary items which you have to get to your holidays in order to have a lot of different summer sets, depending on the time and the occasion.

    Small, easy to use and very impressive, the summer bag offers practicality, style and comfort. Choose the classic tinged shade that looks particularly summer and suits with all styles or play with two colors shades for more intense effect.

    A bold pattern is the key for special appearances that catch the eye without using many accessories. Ideally in the morning and evening, you can change shoes such as a pair of flat sandals to a pair of high heels and immediately you will be the star of the day.

    We always use accessories because they can change our look in the moment, and they are very necessary especially in the summer! A hat is essential for the beach walks to the night outs in the city while a bag of ethnic elements gives us a summer boho style that we all love.

    Since spring, the tendency of the white denim came back and have been particularly fond of both in the street style and the most stylish celebrities. Ideally the outfits that exude a fresh touch, it can be combined either with pieces in similar shades or with something more intense for a nice contrast.
  • The necessary beach bags for the beach! This is what we want to be stylish.

    For our everyday looks, the woman's bag is a basic accessory for our holidays.

    The bags that we get to the beach are extremely necessary for our appearances, so except for the style, they give us the necessary practicality, as we can find everything we need for a day in the sea. At the same time,not only the bags are for the beach but also for relaxed walks in the alleys of the island.

    In the bellow gallery you can see which designs we have chosen from the market, from more imaginative and highly motif to minimal, for some more chic appearances on the beach.
  • 9 must pieces for holiday in style! The last minute additions to our suitcase.

    As many lists as we make and as many clothes and accessories we take on vacation, there are always some pieces that we must not miss.

    To be honest, I think that we do not need so many clothes, but just only to have enough choices, in order to combine them together, as a result we do not have to fill up our suitcase with clothes that we will not end up with.

    From the most basic pieces such as an ethnic style dress to an easy-wear shorts for the day and a full-body that is worn in both morning and evening with our beautiful sandals and accessories! All these complete our style! In the following gallery you will find my personal choices which I think that they'll like you and make you enjoy even more the looks of your holiday.
  • Today we wear Instagram's most beautiful hashtag! We have it almost all of our home

    Many times there is a trend that we watch in social media not only fashion but also ... need!

    Something like this happens with summer hats, for example, which besides very stylish items, are also essentials for our walks, either on the beach or in the city. This is why Instagram has been filled with fashionistas using the hashtag #instagramhats and #summerhats.

    Ideal for wearing them on the beach with our most elegant swimsuit, completing our look elegantly and giving it a retro and very feminine character.
  • The rules of ethnic dressing! Very summer, very fun, very easy.

    The ethnic style in dressing always brings a very summer note to our appearances, as it makes us a little exotic, a little festivals, a little vacation.

    And like any trend that is a little more special, it's worth putting it in our looks, as long as we remember some tips to look nice and not excessive. Although in this case, even if we exaggerate, it does not matter, since this trend is best worn to the maximum.

    In the above gallery you can see some tips to adopt, but also a few pieces of the market that will help you bring ethnic style to your outfit, to a smaller or larger extent.
  • What shoes do you wear in your wedding and make a difference! No more heels.

    Every woman has her own personal style and knows what options she can support in clothes, shoes, beauty look. Bridal style combined with flat shoes is not an image we are used to, it's the truth. However, this does not mean that it is prohibitive or that it is an unsafe and incomplete choice. On the contrary, a flat ballerina or a pair of sandals can be superior, with preppy and romantic mood, as required by bridal style.

    It all depends on the wedding dress you choose and more generally on the style you want to have that day. There are many options on high heels, sandals, sandals, peep toes and ballerinas. The more alternative they can say even to a pair of sneakers.

    I dare to say that in an island wedding, flat shoes fit better than a pair of high heels and maybe it is must. Make a picture of the island, the open space in nature, possibly the paved path you walk and think of yourself in the wedding dress and a pair of lovely flat shoes. This icon is really dreamy, as it is appropriate for that day. Do not take second thoughts, renounce the heel for your wedding day. Besides, you will be more comfortable and you will be able to dance non-stop, because we who put our heels at the half of the wedding we wore our saucer ... - to say that too.

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